Full Spectrum Podcast

August 9, 2014
Psytrance. This mix is light on my personal mixing trickery in favor of leaving room for the tracks themselves, partly because of my reverence for these songs. Reverence enough to simply get lost and drift off to where-ever they wanted me to be. The vibe of this episode is a little different from previous episodes, featuring new trance and psytrance releases that ask you kindly to exist the atmosphere and journey a cosmos of synths and beats (wow I'm a cheeseball). I didn't work in any sort of quote to open up this episode so I opted for some Apollo 10 radio chatter instead. beepbeep. beep beep.

|| 01. Opposite 8 - Digital Regeneration
|| 02. Lightsphere - Barefoot and Happy (Flexus Remix)
|| 03. Darin Epsilon feat. Ghost Wars - All That Could've Been (Matt Lange Remix)
|| 04. Andrea Mazza feat. Hysteria - This Perfect Night (Fabio Xb Remix)
|| 05. Side Effects - Dream On (frequenZ phaZe Edit)
|| 06. Aquila - Gain Control
|| 07. Morten Granau - Polynomial (Ranji Remix)
|| 08. Andy Tau - Into The Void (frequenZ phaZe Edit)
|| 09. Mehrad feat. Kelly Siew - Lonely (Sebastian Weikum Remix)
|| 10. Side Effects - The Second Lsdeep (Sideform Remix)
|| 11. Gal Abutbul & Sarah Russell - You Have Realised (Uplifting Remix)

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