Full Spectrum Podcast

November 25, 2017
Trance, 138, Vocal Trance, Psytrance, Psy, Tech
"Life is such unutterable hell, solely because it is sometimes beautiful. If we could only be miserable all the time, if there could be no such things as love or beauty or faith or hope, if I could be absolutely certain that my love would never be returned: how much more simple life would be. One could plod through the Siberian salt mines of existence without being bothered about happiness. Unfortunately the happiness is there. There is always the chance (about eight hundred and fifty to one) that another heart will come to mine. I can't help hoping, and keeping faith, and loving beauty. Quite frequently I am not so miserable as it would be wise to be." - T.H. White, Ghostly, Grim and Gruesome

|| 01. Ahmed Romel - Drusilla (Original Mix) [Grotesque]
|| 02. Alex M.O.R.P.H Woody Van Eyden Feat. Tiff Lacey - Dreamcatcher (Mhammed El Alami Remix Extended) [VANDIT]
|| 03. Andrey Pashkov - Evolution [Suanda]
|| 04. CubeTonic ft. Dilara Gadel - So Strong (Mark W Remix) [Suanda]
|| 05. E-Motion - Human Legends [Digital Nature]
|| 06. Fabio XB & Liuck ft. Christina Novelli - Step Into The Light (Mark W Remix) [Digital Society]
|| 07. James Kiedis - Kraken [Damaged]
|| 08. Matt Duncan - Winter Sky [Appointed]
|| 09. Roman Messer & Mhammed El Alami ft. Julia Lav - Memories (Ahmed Romel Remix) [Suanda]
|| 10. Paul Oakenfold - Dreamstate Theme [Blackhole]
|| 11. Plutian - Lorelei [Always Alive]

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