Full Spectrum Podcast

February 10, 2017
Trance, Psytrance, Breaks, Builds and Mashups
I was once a clay pot. My pride was in my purpose to hold much. I hoped to be filled and be full and to hold all I could. But I chipped. And I cracked. And one day I shattered.

Now I hold nothing. Now I am dust. Now I am one with everything. All I had to do was let go.

|| Intro: How To Lose Weight in 4 Easy Steps! by Jash
|| 01. Astrix & Ace Ventura - Drunk On Dreams [HOMmega Productions]
|| 02. [fZ.mash] Phaxe - Disturbed [Iboga Trance] vs The Brainkiller - Go Killaz (Colombo Remix) [Musication Records]
|| 03. Liquid Soul & Electric Universe - Liquid Universe [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
|| 04. Ellie Lawson - Calling You (Vadim Spark Remix) [Amsterdam Trance Records]
|| 05. [fZ.edit] Will Atkinson pres. Darkboy (John Dopping Shade Remix) - Damage [Perfecto Records]
|| 06. Feeler - Black Fame [Echelon Records]
|| 07. Nick Callaghan & Second Sine - Make Me Human [Essential Dance]
|| 08. Side Effects & Time in Motion - Akasha [Iono Music]
|| 09. [fZ.mash] Authentic - Hangover [Question of Prog Records] vs. Wardian - Lobo (Guau Remix) [Funn Dark Records]
|| 10. DJ Fabio & Moon - Byte The Dust [Spin Twist Records]
|| 11. Party Heroes - 4D Visions [{psy.ology} Records]

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