Full Spectrum Podcast

April 18, 2015
Trance Energy, Dance Grooves, Warm Melodies
Trance Energy, Dance Grooves, Warm Melodies. Warming up from the chill out vibe of last episode, we're going full-on into the trance energy dance synergy territory. Get your true Full Spectrum fix as this episode jumps seamlessly between psy-trance gods to trance gurus to a brand new remix by electro king Wolfgang Gartner - and then all the way back again. Plenty of big names and bigger tracks push the dance betal to the floor in this mix.

Intro: Peter Cochrane - When Machines Design Machines
|| 01. Mike Foyle Pres. Bolt - Buff Monkey
|| 02. Dmitry Bessonov - Sahara
|| 03. Loud & Freedom Fighters - Zapped [F.Faze Mix]
|| 04. Side Effects - Paranoia [F.Faze Edit]
|| 05. Standerwick, Philippe El Sisi & Ana Criado - Magic Light
|| 06. Rоуksорр – I Hаd This Thing (Wоlfgаng Gаrtnеr Rеmiх)
|| 07. Mike Foyle pres. Bolt - Rascal
|| 08. Taival - When Words End
|| 09. Adam Szabo & Johan Vilborg - Two To One (D.E.v6 Album Mix)
|| 10. Space Raven - Blister
|| 11. Sound Quelle - Drunk (Genesis Remix)
|| 12. Ellie Lawson - Calling You (Vadim Spark Remix)

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